Instant Park is City Repair Movement in Japan that fosters sustainable, resilient and healthy communities through the creative reclamation of public space.

It has been launched on August 6, 2015 as a Future Center A.BA commemorative Project of establishment on September 24, 2015, Tokushima University.

It is based on the idea of place making movement that Mr. Mark Lakeman and his colleagues started as the City Repair Project in Portland OR.  Instant Park also involves thinking way of permaculture. We have learned it from the lecture and workshop at Future Center Tokushima University given by Matthew Bibeau, M.Ed., Institute of Permaculture Education for Children, Portland OR.

The root of our mission was originally cultivated by Dr. Steven Reed Johnson, Adjunct Professor of Portland Stage University, who gave us very impressive lecture and discussion in his first visit to Tokushima University in 2006.  With his kind and long term help and support to us from viewpoints of service learning and citizens participation, we have been able to keep on tackling very tough issue of community revitalization. As a result, our mission  was conceptualized. Attainment of our mission could be believed to make a future of community.